Brendon Ferguson


I am a jack of many trades but only a master of myself. I try to maintain movement; traveling, exploring, learning, and growing. I am a man of God, an adventurer, videographer, photographer, drone-r, carpenter, handyman, I sing, I drum, I (sometimes) guitar, I own a harmonica, I skate, I climb, I am a parkour enthusiast, and a master* barista, serving coffee and free smiles. 

"Professional" Info 


I once held my breath for 2 minutes and 16 seconds. I once programmed a mobile app which was moderately successful ($1K profit). I once wrote a song and it got 90 views on YouTube. I have successfully made it to age 22 without getting arrested so far. I (basically) don't have any tattoos. I have an IMDB profile and am credited as "Homeless Man, Burglar 3, & School Bully 1".

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Experience (+Resume Below)

Drone Operator/Photographer | 2016 - Forevermore

 - I can fly a drone better than someone who can't fly a drone, and I'll take pictures or videos or whatever you'd like. 

 - I've flown for numerous film shorts including "Marvel Knights: Spider-man", "The Paper List", & "MIND|SIGHT"


TheStateRace | 2018+
 - Myself along with 2 others founded a travel, volunteering, & social media brand known as TheStateRace.
 - Roles include:
     - Videographer & Photographer
     - Video & Photo Editor
     - Social Media Manager
     - Travel Agent
     - Team Manager 
     - Master Navigator
(+See Resume Below)



Kennesaw State University

B.A. in Integrative Studies (with a focus in visual media)

Joel A. Katz Music and Entertainment Business Program Certificate

Florida Southern College

I studied for a year at FSC where I learned that I really dislike humidity.




Organizing trips

Managing Media

Scrambling Eggs